Website Re - Design

Not getting the results you want? Have you noticed that your competitor's website looks a lot better than yours? Maybe you need a change of scenery.. new colors, more content, better navigation. You really should change your website's design at least once a year. Another word, website redesign is what you need

The look of your site can make or break you. This is no joking matter. You have only seconds to make that first impression... and if it's not a good one, you've lost a potential customer. Attention to detail and good design sense can go a long way.. and contrary to what someone may have told you, you do not need lots of bells and whistles to entertain your visitors. A simple, well designed site is generally the winning combination

It is surprising how many great looking websites, upon closer inspection, fail to deliver the right results. One of the common causes is the planning in the design stages. Careful consideration is required to research the website's intended market audience and convey the right message to visitors. If this is not completed, then your site will not be as productive and popular as a competitor's.

With our website design makeover service; our priority is to create a fast loading, professional website but also to make it more search engine friendly. A new 'look' is often all that is required to get visitors back to your website. We go one stage further and will re-word your text if necessary, to make it keyword rich for higher search engine position.

A makeover can range from a small 'freshen up' to adding extra features to make your site more 'useable'. There is so much more to be gained from your website if its full potential is recognised.

Corporate Web portals

Corporate intranets gained popularity during the 1990s. Having access to a variety of company information via a web browser was a new way of working. Intranets quickly grew in size and complexity, and webmasters (many of whom lacked the discipline of managing content and users)

Today’s corporate portals are sprouting new value-added capabilities for businesses. Capabilities such as managing workflows, increasing collaboration between work groups, and allowing content creators to self-publish their information are lifting the burden off already strapped IT departments

We follow a few simple guidelines to make sure all websites that we treat to a makeover reach our high standards:-

Target Audience Research

We fully research the market and target audience which your website aimed at. You might have an all singing and all dancing website but does it deliver the results you require? If not, this could be the main point which your website is missing. A website should be designed with the target audience in mind. As an example, it is pretty pointless having a website which is targeted at the (dare I say) older generation if the text is small and colours bright. In this day and age a website should be designed with the target market in mind.

Usability and Navigation Check

Your website may look attractive and even get good traffic, but if it does not convert visitors to clients, it is not doing its job correctly. Navigation layout is a major factor in the usability of your website and it should be laid out correctly as such. All links and titles should be precise to let the visitor know exactly where they are on your website.

Design Enhancements

If your website has lost that sparkle when you browse through the pages and is looking drab and boring, you know it is time for a makeover. If you think this, then your website visitors will probably think this as well. Sometimes all that is needed is a colour change and a few text alterations to bring life back into your website. In extreme instances, you may need a few more drastic enhancements to bring your website up to date

Search Engine Positioning and Optimisation

If your existing website cannot be found in the search engines. In today's very competitive search engine environment, a website must frequently be designed from the ground up to score well in the search engines. We do have techniques for improving search engine performance without dramatic changes to the existing website.

Our Objectives

Our goal in all our website makeovers is for you to see a vast improvement in the way your website looks and functions. We provide a full after sales support service to keep tweaking away at the pages until they are performing at their utmost.